How important is designing a website for your company?

Nguyễn thiện 09-07-2018

In fact, nowadays, this is the most common and important question in this digital business era.


Is the company website's truly important?

In 1998, everyone predicted a bright future for e-commerce. Even the most pessimistic would agree that all the signs would indicate that a large portion of  business revenue will come from online transactions or from offline transactions but is the result of online marketing efforts.


website giới thiệu


So, should a business have a website, when it is a small business and sell products or services that it thinks can not be sold over the network? My answer in 1998 and today is still the same. Yes, if there is a company, there should be a website introducing the company.


Building a simple website is enough, isn't it?

Besides, don't be too quick to assume that the product can not be sold online. Today, only very few goods and services are unable to be traded online. There're over 20 million online shoppers who buy everything from books to computers, from cars to real estate, or even from jetlinks to natural gas. If you can not imagine, then someone will show you how to sell goods online.

That means having a website introducing your company is not enough. You ought to have a professional looking sales website if you want to be recognized seriously. As today many customers find information online before deciding to buy at a real store, the website may be the first opportunity to impress a potential buyer.


Thiết kế website


With a well-designed website, small businesses can create the image and professional level as a big company. It is better to have no website than to have a website that makes business look bad. Website is absolutely the voice of the company.

Therefore, the website is a part of the soul of the company, the face of the company. Make sure that your company owns a quality and professional website!